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(Last updated: Saturday February 24, 2007)

Home Automation BLOGs

BLOGs related to home Automation, hopefully the owners won't go off on tangents but there are no guarantees in BLOG'ng.

OK, I've now found a use for BLOG'ng and I've started by using Google's BLOG Spot

  • LinuxHA - My BLOG dedicated towards my ideas on Home Automation, mostly from a Do-It-Yourself perspective.
  • Pete Scargill's Tech Blog. Pete's got lots of interesting subject and quite the background in HA. He's been posting a lot of his Node-Red, ESP8266 and Raspberry Pi setup.
  • Jonathan Oxer's I really like his Youtube channel on his SuperHouse/HA stuff.
  • Tinkerman blog - Lots of stuff on using the ESP8266 and HA
  • Esp8266 Hints blog - Mostly ESP8266 but the ESP8266 community is very much a Smart Home/HA user base.
  • Cocoontech - Excellent general Home Automation site, forums, blogs and more.
  • Nothing up my sleeve - Gordon Meyer's BLOG. Gordon is the author of the O'Reilly book: "Smart Home Hacks", Gordon's blog cover more than just HA
  • Home Automation Starter - Adam's HA blog, I'm guessing that he's using Windows as he listed Homeseer in the blog
  • The Offical Smarthome Blog Smarthome's official blog
  • Chris Hammond's Domotics Blog - A new blog I just found. Definitely HA related. :-)
  • My Smart Home Blog - Information on Jon Scott's custom home automation system
  • Want to create your own BLOG, check out Google's BLOG site: Blogger. Not a very imaginative name, but it works.

You may have noticed that the list has gotten shorter. Well a few blogs haven't been updated in more than a year so I'm considering them basically dead.

If you have questions about Home Automation and/or Linux you may email me at This email address is not for unsolicated email (if I didn't opt-in then it's unsolicated).