Linux Home Automation History

I've removed a good chunk the of the updates and moved them here so I can have a history of the changes. Also to lessen the clutter of the main page. Don't trust these links as they are old and unverified. Many have gone out of existence. The main pages should have valid links but it's tough to keep up some times.


2021/11/13 - I'm experimenting with Wordpress. So don't be surprised if the front page of this web site changes. I'll leave the other pages where they are but I'll need to update them a bit to work with Wordpress. I'll make sure everything works before I switch over. I've also created a NJ Makerspaces page because I haven't been able to find one. I'll include a few NY and Philly Makerspaces because sometimes that's just the closest place.

2021/06/24 - Before anyone gets too crazy, no I haven't forgotten about my Linux HA pages. I have been busy with a lot of general day to day life that I've not had to deal with all at once. I'm still putting a lot of work into testing things and playing with technology. I've just been doing more of it for my employer. I'm now running my Makerspace (with others); CDL - Computer Deconstruction Lab What was called IXR - The Institute for eXploratory Research. Oh I'm also working another TCF HA presentation. This is a big one this time. I expect to be working on this while at CDL on Monday nights.

2018/03/01 - Corrected the Pytomation entry (sorry George).

2014/01/04 - Javier Pardo Blasco sent in his HA project. He's been working in a home automation project, coded in Python called Home Automation Python Project He says it's modular, it's web based, it publishes a REST API,

2013/11/12 - I've been a bit busy with work and learnign the wonderful world of TDD . I have a few books on C, Python and Javascript. At the moment they do a nice job of explaining but a lousy job of showing a few simple startup examples (but I'm not done reading).

Sergei Jeihala was kind enough to share his MajorDoMo project with us. It is:

I'm still working on the ECM-1240, I've run out of serial ports and I'm working on getting a terminal server working.

2013/09/19 - I've been quiet for a while but I'm hoping (keeping my fingers crossed on that) that is now behind me. I've just picked up a Brultech ECM-1240. I still have to install it. I'll be using Pi as the terminal/web (node.js) server to it. This will allow me to monitor my home's power usage. While searching for some more information I found this blog called Desert Home. I think it's cool so I'll add it to my HA blogs page (which really needs to be cleaned up). I've restarted writting software and I'll start adding it here and to my US Home Automation web site. I'm also working on an irrigation controller called Irrnode. I've got bits and pieces of it up. Hope to have more soon.

2013/02/21 - Pytomation - Pytomation is an extensible open source automation system written in Python. It's uses include home automation and lighting control but is certainly not limited to those functions.

2013/02/07 - Misterhouse - This is My effort to get Misterhouse back on the map. The Misterhouse project is not dead. The main Sourceforge page is back under the community's control (Yea!). The most useful code can be picked up from the git repository (explanation on the WIki pages)


2012/10/27 - Open Energy Monitor - a project to develop open-source energy monitoring tools to help us relate to our use of energy, our energy systems and the challenge of sustainable energy.

2012/04/05 - I've added the Freedomotic project, an Open Source Building Automation (a universal building automation framework) and my gHCS a Home Control System functionally based on Steve Ciarcia's HCS II (Z180 based SC and remote comm-links) to the growing list of HA projects.

2012/02/27 - Before anyone gets too crazy, no I haven't forgotten about my Linux HA pages. I have been busy with a lot of general day to day life that I've not had to deal with all at once. I'm still putting a lot of work into testing things and playing with technology. I've just been doing more of it for my employer. I have a few software projects in the works (such the as gHCS project), while building my garage work bench to build my electronics. And I've joined IXR - The Institute for eXploratory Research, a Hackerspace or Makerspace.


2011/04/24 - Well I completed my HA Presentation and it went well (I'll post details in my HA blog later on). I'm working on several things (some HA related, most work related) and I've updated a few links that have changed or have gone missing. So far this has been an exciting year and I'm exhausted. Hopefully I'll catch up soon and get back to working on my HA stuff. I'll try to get pictures posted of my HA DollHouse. I'll post the instructions to build one and a few quick clips of it in action in the weeks to come. My friend D has given me a few more new ideas for next year's presentation. :-)

2011/04/03 - I'm about as far behind on work to be done as can be. A little episode with my job threw my world into turmoil and it's only just getting resolved (thank God!).

Yesterday, Saturday, April 2nd, I presented another home automation presentation and demo. The material is on my TCF 2011 Presentation page

2011/01/22 - I'm working with Z-Wave so updated to the Z-Wave Page and a new project called OpenZWave. I'm also getting some ZigBee stuff so I hope to have more on that too.

2011/01/02 - Happy New Year, as usual, I have more hardware on the way. The material for my Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) presentation is moving along wonderfully! I have a nice link to an interview that Marc Merlin did with on MisterHouse.

Device Drivers - Okay I can't recall why this is here (???).

2010/12/25 - Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas (to those that celebrate) and a Happy New Year! May all of us live a more peaceful existance.

I've been trying to figure out where Cocoontech fits and I already have them in the forum section but Cocoontech has much more. So I'm adding them to the Blogs section too.

2010/12/18 - One more HAI OmniPro 2 project (in C) added to the Projects section

2010/12/14 - Another HA, mochad, Multiple Online Controllers for Home Automation Daemon. Basically it's support for the CM15A & CM19A using LibUSB instead of my kernel driver.

2010/12/11 - More link updates in the projects section and I'm still quite busy with my 2010 HA Presentation at the Trenton Computer Festival (TCF). This one should be really interesting.

2010/12/06 - As usual this time of year is a busy one but I've been searching for more home automation! :-) I'm currently work with a new Insteon device and a ZigBee interface (more on those later). Meanwhile I've got new links: Priscilla (X10, EIB/KNX, 1 Wire & IR), R-House, openHab , Domotik (xPL based).

2010/11/19 - Goran Hasse corrected and sent me a bunch of Modbus links. So I've added a Modbus section. Thanks Goran!

2010/11/03 - Forgot to add FHEM (oops, sorry). I'm probably missing at least a half dozen other sites too. :-/

2010/10/26 - More links updates with some good stuf in the Temporary section. I still have a lot more to update. :-)

2010/10/11 - More links updates.

2010/09/06 - With the end of the Labor Day weekend approaching, the unofficial end of Summer is here. School starts and we prepare for Fall and Winter. For my part I involve myself with software again. ;-) A minor update with a link to OpenCAN. I'm also beginning work on an Android page.

2010/08/02 - Just a few more links being cleaned up, corrected and a few HTML syntax corrections.

2010/07/31 - Somehow I forgot to post this link to WOSH - Wide Open Smart Home, an open source, multi-platform framework (message oriented middleware) SOA HA package. It's more than control and monitoring of devices and sensors. It's also the information processing that I so frequently refere to in my HA Definition.

2010/07/26 - Corrected a few links and a few other minor corrections. Oh, it also looks like Charmed Quark is not going Open Source. Roddney appears to be working on figuring a way to stay in business. Good for him.

2010/07/21 - Stefan Stromberg presented me with his new project called NetHomeServer - a Java based Open Source (LGPL 2.1) HA project that interfaces to X10 (via the CM12), FS20 (via the FHZ1000), Nexa and Deltronic. Other sensors are supported and all access is provided via a Web interface. I've cleaned up a few more links and found a bunch more that need to be researched.

2010/07/20 - I've been busy but not in the usual way so I'm a little heavy on the updates this time. I've been spending a lot of time working on IPv6 projects and I have IPv6 working pretty well around the house (Dual Stack). Not with Comcast but with Hurricane Electric and it's free tunnel service. I've also updated a number of links and added a few more to these pages. Mostly I've been busy with putting my notes on my U.S. HomeAutomation site. I'll also be putting up my Projects (such a DollHouse), Presentations and Services. I further hope to have IPv6 support added to Misterhouse by year's end.

I've just found STANTOR which claims that it "gives a new dimension to the home automation". Contains the usual habit of throwing "TLAs" and not saying much. It does have software for Linux and Windows. The site is in French but the author took the trouble to have an English translation also.

Ah more hardware toys, wish I could afford to buy them all. ;-) The ArduinoBT (an Arduino with BlueTooth) and the Freescale MC1322x Series ARM7 Processor with integrated 802.15.4 (FreeScale w/6LoWPAN). I've even given them there own section.

My nice new Bravia TV has a nice Ethernet interface to pull down 'content'. In addition it supports DLNA, unfortunately MediaTomb doesn't so I needed a DLNA server. I found this in MiniDLNA. It works well though it doesn't do transcoding.

I've also found PyTivo and I'm trying make heads and tails of the project. I have a Tivo and it would be nice to be able to watch an occasional TV show on my PC.

I've started a project called DollHouse, an Open Source Perl based DIY HA project intended to run on small, low power, embedded Unix (Linux, BSD, etc.) systems to monitor and control your home using off the shelf components, such as X10, Insteon, Z-Wave and other devices.

Finally, Phil Combs was kind enough to point out the following CEPro article call "Charmed Quark Best Hope For Open-Source Home Automation". It's sad that Rodney had to stop the business but good for the Open Source community.

2010/03/28 - Well another bit of link cleanup, man sites are dropping by the wayside! As usual I'm too busy for my own good and I need time off but it's not likely to come soon.

2010/02/23 - Performed a bit of clean up on the links. I've picked up a Sony Bravia TV and found that it runs Linux (no console or shell access yet) and that it has an SDK for the Internet Widgets. The Widgets SDK is in Japanese but I'm hoping to figure out how to interface it to my HA system anyway. Unfortunately it's not on my top priority list. :-/

2010/02/09 - One step closer to running both IPv4 and IPv6! I've updated my Home IPv6 notes page. Hopefully just a few steps away from running IPv6!

2010/02/07 - Well I'm stil busy but I found some time to clean up some of the 404s (link not found) that peppered the pages. I still have a lot of links to add and various other updates. I also need to rethink the pages as it's getting tougher to keep my pages on Comcast and my Linux HA pages straight (that is link wise). Now it's time to go shovel some snow.

2010/01/31 - Wow, busy, busy, busy! Guess what? I've been busy! ;-) But I've also been productive. The Kill-a-watt (x2) is on it's way for the Trenton Computer Festival presentation. I'm working on 7 - Netgear WGT634u and OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09.2. I hope to use one of these to finally get my IPv6 up and running. I received a ton of electronics from Sparkfun and I need to deliver them to my friend (it's his Christmas present). I'm still a little mad at Sparkfun for their server crapping out mid-order on the $100 free inventory day but don't tell them I ordered stuff from them anyway. ;-). I've also been very busy with non-HA stuff but none of that will be mentioned here. I've updated the ZWave page with various links and I may be able to play with ZWave a bit more now (we'll see). I also have quite a few other links to update in the software section and I need to rewrite some code to work with the latest USB sub-system under Linux. Seems I'm only about a month and a half behind. :-/

Happy new year and welcome to 2010. It promises to be a very busy decade as I attempt a Masters degree in computer science. More immediate is that I've volunteered to do another home automation presentation on April 24th at Trenton Computer Festival (TCF, see the wiki TCF entry). The last one I did was in 2008. This time I intend to have the automated dollhouse finished in time. I just haven't yet figured out how to automate it in some presentable manor (pun intended :-). I also hope to document to project as it gets built. In the meantime I have a bunch of Insteon to order for my home.

I'm also quite busy with a bunch of updates. Unfortunately we've lost a great many web pages and I need to either find their new home or move the links to the Bone yard. I'll be busy whittling these down over the next few months.

And finally Marc Merlin has been kind enough to provide me with links to his 1-wire inormation pages (see my 1-wire section).


2009/12/22 - I just attempted to compile the Today package (sunrise, sunset and assorted programs) but found that the code from 1985 (yes that's when the authors wrote the code) would correctly compile. I've made a few quick changes but I'm betting it could use some further work.

2009/12/16 - Now Alex has his Controllable Christmas Lights up. Also the DIY Zoning Project is in the process of changing its name to Home Climate Control and a whole lot more. And finally, in case anyone is wondering, I have given up and started ignoring this site. I'm busy with various HA projects which require that I read a bunch of books. At the same time I'm researching graduate school.

2009/10/29 - It's time again for Alek Komar's Controllable Halloween Lights (Christmas lights start next month, sorry). Alek does this to raise awareness and funds for the Center for Celiac Research. He's had this at least 5 years running and yes it's real. :-)

2009/09/06 - Expect to see quite a few changes on these pages. I'm going to start to move the homes of my projects and my Presentations to US Home Automation site. There's nothing there right now. My other site, US Smart Home site, will also be reworked. I'll work to shrink these pages and hopefully I'll make the site(s) easier to use. Currently there is no structure. And, of course, I haven't forgotten about writting software. I've been working on a Java and/or Groovy project called IO24 which provides an OO way of interfacing to the EtherIO24 (24 port digital I/O board). I'll follow that up with the USBIO24 board and then the Labjack U12.

2009/08/06 - Some of you may notice the No IE6 message (but only if you have IE6 or less). I got the idea from the CNN article Web citizens trying to kill Internet Explorer 6. It's not meant as a campaign against Microsoft. It's simply that IE6 is an old, buggy browser and it really is time to retire it. I'm not adding the message to all my pages just my two main pages. Also I realize that some of you may be stuck with IE6 (poor child). The message won't stop you from accessing anything.

2009/08/02 - Found an interesting article on Smarthouse (Australia) and commented on it in my Government Mandating Home Automation. I also commented on the further search for Touch Screen Technology. Finally my home automation definition. My final final exam is tomorrow, look for more updates to follow. :-)

2009/07/03 - Oops, forgot to post this (corrected 7/20)- Alejandro Gonzalez's script that helps update a table in a database every time a sensor is switched from open to closed.

2009/07/02 - Chris Kreutzer has shared his X10AHP Java (CM15A Java code). He's using Java Libusb to interface to the USB sub-system. This reminds me that I have a bit of work to do on my CM15A code (protocol, driver and daemon).

2009/06/28 - Well I forgot to post that I was kind of 'heckled' at the last presentation. I'll have to blog about that. In the mean time I completed my big bike ride (206.5 miles @ 17.5 mph avg - Oh yeah!), I'm half way through my final course (Astronomy) for my degree, I've resurrected my IPV6 network (dang deprecations) and I've managed to finally build my first distribution LORHA for an AMD Geode board which I'll use as my home router. I'm using BuildRoot for most of the distribution. I'm hoping to use the new router to handle IPV6 (using Go6 tunnel broker for now) as Comcast embraces IPV6. They'll trial consumer IPV6 through 2010.

2009/04/19 - On Friday, May 15th, the Brookdale Computer Users Group (BCUG - A Forum for PC and MAC Users) has asked me to present my older Home Automation presentation at Brookdale Community Collge Lincroft, NJ Bldg. MAS, Room: 100, 7:00 p.m., I did this presentation in Jan 2008 for the Princeton PC Users group. I'll spend some time updating the presentation as things have changed a bit.

2009/04/18 - Here is something I'll miss because of a special assignment for work (grr, but at least I have a job). - Come join the Open Remote folks for First event of 2009. Come join us in Amsterdam, May 29th 2009! Don't miss your chance to meet the OpenRemote team, share experiences and be part of the community!

We will announce more details later but some of the things that will certainly happen there:

So mark you calendar, book the tickets. And while in Amsterdam, consider staying in the CitizenM hotel, not because we have a special deal with them or are in anyway connected to them, but just because it's a cool place with a lot of high tech, especially in the rooms.

2009/04/17 - Minor update, I've added the OpenRemote Software on Sourceforge link to the update and software sections.

2009/04/06 - I've removed the Support Forums as they're hardly used (except by spammers) and there are other, more popular forums supporting home automation. Instead I'll just stick to what I do best, these pages.

2009/04/04 - Well major update time! I'm about to go on special assignment and I'm not certain when I'll be back so I've got to rush these out a little bit. Boy is this going to be a long update! Anyway, as I always complain I've got too much to do and too little time to do it. Of course this really isn't a bad thing (I could be laid off and have too much time on my hands). Anyway lets get started!

For those of you who haven't been watching the folks over at OpenRemote have updated their site in a major way! They've added a nice full screen Chat app (you'll need flash) in addition to the smaller one on the main page. And finally they've put together some Juha's Personal Space demos of the new iPhone app for OpenRemote. Juha also went and added OpenRemote to Twitter. And a few more goodies:

An assortment of articles (which I'll add to various sections):

Because of the big rush I guess I'll get around to commenting on the various topics when I get back and in my Linux Home Automation Blog. This looks like it's going to be a good summer for bloggin' about Smart Homes and related subjects.

02/21/2009 - Well, same story as always, I've been busy. Only this semester (2 classes) and next semester (2 more classes) and I've completed my Bachelor's degree (I'll be smart then ... ;-). In the mean time, big dummy (me) has added a robotics and AI section. I'm hoping to use it to further my knowledge of machine learning to create smart home software thaat is more flexible and easier to use. Besides, who can resist programmable electronics that can move? Not me!

Additionally, Eric was kind enough to send me this link for DomotiGa, an Open Source Home Automation package written in Gambas Basic. I've added it to the Software section.

Harald was kind enough to point out that LinuxMCE has support for most of the Z-Wave interfaces. I'll have to add that to the ZWave support page.

Okay, I've been very lazy but I hope this will make up for it. Al Linke created a DIY Magic Mirror (I don't know, Disney kinda scares me ... ;-). Anyway this in pretty neat!

12/14/2008 - With classes done I'm finally getting back to my pages and HA. The first thing I've done is to fix a few html and css errors (I've got a few more to work on). Next, I have a back-log of ideas for my blog so that will keep me busy for a few weeks. Then I've found a few things that need updating on the web site and finally it time again for Alex Komar's Controllable Christmas Lights. Alex does this to raise awareness and funds for the Center for Celiac Research.

09/10/2008 - I've finally decided to update my pages. I've been taking a bit of a mental break (hasn't helped). I've been busy looking into Zigbee and I find that I'm still confused. I should probably sit down and read the IEEE specs (and the specs for Zigbee as there may be some differences). So anyway I've added a new section called ZigBee/802.15.4. Oh, it's more than just Zigbee but any of the low powered wireless suites that are out there. Might as well keep the confusion all in one place.

While I was on mental break I did manage to update a few of my tools I use to maintain my web pages. So I've decided to toss those tools under other. Right now it has the links to my linkcheck program, my redirect.php script and my Perl program send2blogger to send my blog entries to Google blogger. I don't know if anyone will find them useful but there they are.

08/08/2008 - Thought I forgot about you didn't I. Nah, just been very busy. I'll get back to updating in a few days. I found so much material I'm not sure where to add it and I may have misplaced it in my bookmarks (there are a lot).

07/13/2008 - I've waited long enough. :-) I've been dieing to post this for a while and tried to wait until we had something concrete. While we don't have an code to post yet, I'm more than certain that this is real. Announcing: the OpenRemote project. This project is an Open Community in the Home Automation and Domotics space. We believe an Open Source approach can revolutionize the way people create, install, and maintain software in the industry.

The world's oldest and largest personal computer show will once again take place at The College of New Jersey. The Trenton Computer Festival (TCF), now in its 33rd year, will be on Friday, April 25 through Sunday, April 27, 2008. The Professional Conferences will be held on Friday, April 25, the Robotic and Electronic Contests will be held on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, the Keynote Speaker Address (David Perry on "Identity Theft") will be held on Saturday April 26, and the flea market, indoor exhibit and sales area, and general speaker sessions will be held on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, 2008, Theremin Concerts and Demonstrations, check out the links under "TCF 2008 Activities and Events" on the left of the main page for more information.

Of particular interest to me is that I'm doing a 2 hour long presentation on general home automation (not just Linux Home Automation). My presentation will be from 12:25 PM - 1:25 PM, Saturday April 26th, in the Social Services Building (SSB) room 131. See the campus map). Bring your lunch and enjoy the presentation.

04/12/2008 - I've added BACnet protocol stack library to the Projects section. BACNet is a Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks (see for further details).

04/07/2008 - I've updated the Entertainment/Media Links page. I now contains Fuppes and XBMC - Linux Port.

04/04/2008 - Wow it's been awhile since I've posted but I've been busy with all the normal stuff (family, school and work) and the not so usual stuff (HA Presentations and preping for my Longest Day double century). Anyways, I've posted a few new links, the first is a link to Jini™ Home Automation software (Java) and the next is Bogdan Stancescu's Kit108 PHP Library (PHP) to control Ocean Controls' Serial DAQ Controller

Also I'll be doing the following HA presentations:

I'm really looking forward to TCF as that's the big one. I'm working on a Misterhouse setup that uses a Doll House to demonstrate home automation.

And, finally, I've cleaned up the main index (and the all-in-one index) so they validate properly (XHTML 1.0 transitional). It's amazing the number of mistakes you can create when you keep editing documents over the years (I haven't worked on grammar or spelling yet).

02/11/2008 - I can't believe I haven't posted this before! Push Button Manor - a home automation article from the the Dec. 1950 Popular Mechanics magazine. Now that's ahead of your time!

02/07/2008 - Matt Randolph has created plmtools, a command line interface to the Insteon PLM (as opposed to the PLC which can use ilink). I've added the information to the Insteon Page

02/04/2008 - Istvan Hubay Cebrian (?) has updated his domus.Link web interface to HeyU (the CM11A, CM17A and other X10 and wireless interfaces).

01/30/2008 - Karl Denninger has updated his HomeDaemon software to include support for Z-Wave using Leviton's RS232 Z-Wave interface.

01/18/2008 - My friend 'D' gave me a LaCrosse Wireless Pro Weather station. I found Open2300. I have the program compiled and it work quite well. Now I just need to get the wind chill/speed/direction sensor on the roof.

01/17/2008 - I now have my Home Automation presentations online. I have one completed (the PPCUG) and the others I'll post as I complete them.


12/28/2007 - I've updated the Linux HA Generic USB driver support page with some brief instructions on how to compile the correct modules. I've also updated the make file so that it no longer compiles the older code. I really need to clean up the directories but that can wait until later.

It's been pretty busy here with my final exams (I did well) and holiday's, but I've not forgotten about home automation. I'm currently gearing up for my Jan. 14th HA to the Princeton PC User's group. This presentation is on HA in general not just Linux. Here are the directions to the library (in NJ, USA): directions to the library. Meeting starts at 7 PM with the presentation starting at 7:45 PM. In the next few months I'll have done 4 presentations with the grand finally being my presentation at Trenton Computer Festival. I beleive that I have a 110 minute time slot for my presentation and I hope I can cover everything is that amount of time. ;-)

I've added new links to the bottom of the Hardware section of my pages. Both are Espresso machines and both use PID software.

Other links include updates to the media section, new weather station and Labjack (Software section) and Insteon PLM software (Insteon page). I also hope to clean up the USB/CM15A/Insteon section of my pages. I've really messed up that section and need to rewrite it so people can use the software with out compiler errors, grrr.

11/16/2007 - I've added a HA forums sections.

11/12/2007 - I don't know why this is no longer on my pages. While it's not Linux related it's HA related. It's Pieter Knuvers's site He also runs the Domotica Forums, Europe. Domotica is the name for Home Automation in the rest of the world. The folks on the forums have all sorts of interesting HA products. I'll add this under the Projects section.

Here's an interesting idea: Digispeaker - is a purely digital whole house audio system. It is capable of obtaining and delivering purely digital music directly to the speakers installed throughout a home or business.

11/11/2007 - A few folks have been asking me about how to get started in home automation. So I created an intro called: Home Automation 101. Hopefully this will be a useful intro for everyone (even those non-Unix users :-).

Seems Ido Bartana's Home Automation Knowledge base has moved off of the Geocities site. I hadn't noticed it until today. I've now updated my pages to reflect the change.

10/22/2007 - Not Linux related but still interesting, The LAUG Podcast 06.07: Home Automation. It's about an hour and a half long but you need Quicktime (ick!). This is Bruce Sergeant's MAC presentation on home automation. He's using Xtension and he talks about X10. He does get a few minor details incorrect but it's a decent presentation.

10/22/2007 - Added CANpie to the software CAN sections. The CANpie project's goal is the define a standard API for access to the CAN bus.

10/21/2007 - It's that time of year again, Alex Komar has his Halloween Page back up on line (Alex you've got to do something about that purple-y background, ick!). And yes it's real, it's never been a hoax.

10/03/2007 - Hmm, found the sendmail links to be a bit messed up so I moved things around and now I have them all in one place. The Sendmail with Google mail set are here and the Sendmail with is here.

09/29/2007 - Jason Sharpee has support for the Insteon PLM in Mr. House. It's in the SVN trunk (as opposed to the main branch). Jason has also added support for UPB to Mr. House.

Istvan Hubay Cebrian has created domus.Link - a web-based frontend for Heyu. It uses Apache + PHP + Heyu to provide a GUI interface.

08/27/2007 - More updates, the first is Chris Karr's Shion code for Mac OSX. I know it's not Linux but the code may still be interesting. Also I have a link to the DIY Zoning Project. Bascially it's Do It Yourself Temperature Zoning system. As always, still more to come! :-)

08/25/2007 - I'm starting to catch up on email and updating these pages. I've added a link to LinuxMCE, a nice Media Center for Kunbuntu. Also there is a link to a Google Video on it's installation and use. I can see this project making a big impact on Linux and Home Automation.

08/21/2007 - I've got some free time between semesters so I can get back to working on some HA. But more exciting (well for me anyway :-) is that I figured out my X10 black hole problem and I have a working X10 network again. Now it's time to update more of these pages. I have lots to add.

04/22/2007 - Just more weekly updates of lost and corrected links. Nothing too exciting.

04/17/2007 - I managed to get sendmail working with my Gmail account (yeah!). I've started putting together a page called Linux, Sendmail and (I'm a genius with names). As usual a work in progress.

New links to old articles (hmm I'm not doing my job properly). Bob Findlay was kind enough to provide these links, the first is to a couple of articles on HA called Home Automation Portal Appliance and Home Automation Portal Appliance, Part II. From a quick perusal of the article it sounds like my thoughts on modern HA. The second is set of links are for the SIMPL - Framework for Access Control (opndrs) project and the IO-Anywhere - which appears to be a company that sells hardware that supports SIMPL.

04/16/2007 - Spent more time fixing the '.pl' and '.php' file download problem, cleaning up links, spelling and syntax errors. Also seems my Link Checker needed another change as Comcast is now filtering email with more than ~190 html links in it.

04/07/2007 - Not really much of an update basically just a clean up of a lot of links. I still have a lot more to clean up but there should be a few less 404s found.

03/15/2007 - I found a project called jHomenet, I'm not sure this works with Linux. It says Windows and mentions various Unix OS families. Daniel Berenguer sent me a link to his opnode ("open node") project. An 'Open Source' network controller design. Support for xAP, xPL, X10 (the CM11A) and 1-Wire.

03/05/2007 - Corrected a problem where various perl files can't be downloaded. I've decided to compress them with gzip. I suspect that I may have a few broken links for a while and I may have missed a few Perl or PHP files. If anyoone finds any just send me an email and I'll correct it.

03/04/2007 - I've just updated the Open Source Books page with O'Reilly's Open Books. There are a number of good books in the list and I own a number of printed copies.

03/03/2007 - Diane (thank you!) was kind enough to let me know that my web pages are broken under IE5 (rats). What you'll see with IE5 is no scroll bars. Since I'm not well versed in HTML the only way I can fix the problem is to create an all-in-one page (it will be huge) and remove the offending CSS. I'm working on that as we speak but won't have it ready yet and I have no way of actually testing it. The main page will give you an option to go to the all-in-one page. Sorry about that!

02/28/2007 - Mike Baptiste has added his HA BLOG to his home page. So I'm adding it to my list of HA BLOGS. I think Mike's will stick around for a while and be updated often. Unlike some of the others on my list.

02/23/2007 - I've created a page for Open Source Books. Bruce Perens' & Prentice Hall's Open Source series. Bruce told me about this after he saw one of my blog entries on the subject. There are a number of books and I unfortunately found out that I could have write my book (but not with Wiley) using this method.

I've also found a few more Multimedia Servers and I've added them to my list. Now with the DSM320 I find that I need to transcode video so I can watch it on the TV. Another user also pointed out that the DSM320 can be a front end to MythTV.

Lastly I've found another DMM package for Linux. QtDMM2 - is DMM readout software and a configurable data logger.

02/15/2007 - I've correct the link for the old Intel UPnP site on Sourceforge and added the new Portable SDK for UPnP Devices site.

02/15/2007 - I purchased D-Link DSM320 wireless Media Player (it was cheap). It runs Linux and is discontinued. I plan on play (of course) and it falls in line with the Linksys Linksys WMLS11B Wireless-B Music System I recently received. I'll be post various information in the media section.

02/10/2007 - I've spent some time and created a links page for my Linux Smart Homes For Dummies. Basically it's all the links (and what chapters their from) found in my book. This makes it much easier to run my Link Check program against the links and find out which ones are no longer valid. I also have a few other ideas in the works related to the book.

02/09/2007 - Some of you may have noticed that these pages were missing for a few hours. Seems there was some kind of a problem at the hosting site. Everything appears to be in order.

A friend of mine gave me a Linksys WMLS11B (Media Server) and I've been busy investigating ways of getting my server to stream music to the device (I intend to get a few moer similar devices). So I've created a media section for entertainment systems and software for Linux.

02/04/2007 - This is the first clean up I've done is about 6 months. Today's update was just a lot of pruning of the links. I have my Link Check program to thank for that. :-)

01/31/2007 - Found this nice gem on - Leon Koenig has created Linux software called DMM for Data acquisition software for Brymen multimeters/mobile loggers.

01/28/2007 - I've further updated my Link check program to output html and an email header that can be sent directly to sendmail. I've tested it with Thunderbird as the receiving mail handler. Seems to work pretty well. At least it fits my needs. I've created the Link Check web page to support the code.

01/27/2007 - Well it looks like I finally broke the web pages (not good!). So you may notice that some of the links are broken. I'm in the process of cleaning up the mess. Hopefully this will allow me more room on my Comcast site and a cleaner flow over all.. Over the next few weeks things will be moved around into a more logical order and I will hopefully have removed the last of the damage links.

01/24/2007 - Mark Gilmore has update his ECS Home Automation software (commercial) to version 3.7. Mark has support for Insteon built in to his package (I'm going to give it a try later this week, OK maybe tonight :-). This is not just X10 but this is the Insteon protocol in addition to X10. He has support for the Insteon USB PLC.

01/22/2007 - Amadeus W.M. was kind enough to point out that my x10d.cm11.c code wouldn't compile under Fedora Core 6. It was a simple case of function declaration conflicts. I juggled the appropriate code around and it should compile just fine now. Hopefully it will still compile for the older Linux kernels also.

01/21/2007 - Here's an interesting use of the NSLU2, Unslung 6.8 and SIS-PM (a 4 port USB-switchable power socket). It's has European outlets which isn't very useful for the US and Canada but I'm sure the European's don't mind. ;-).

01/20/2007 - School is keeping me pretty busy and I'm still trying to recover from this past power problems. I've finally got the ability to send email from the command line back. I wasn't able to get the port 587 and ssl working properly but I am able to send to I'll work on getting gmail working properly later as that also uses port 587 and ssl. Here are my sendmail notes on getting Linux, sendmail and working together for sending email.

01/05/2007 - I now have an updated xtend program. Someone build a Debian package and updated the package. So I've copied it here.

01/01/2007 - Happy New Year to all! I've managed to get most of the HTML/CSS working (IE users won't get full benefits of the changes, IE's very dain bread, click on All if all else fails). You'll start to see the changes over the next few weeks. Hopefully it really will make the site easier to navigate.

More updates, I've updated the LHAP (Linux Home Automation Project) sample php pages I created back in 2001. LHAP I and LHAP II have an updated description of what the programs are doing. These designs are prime candidates for AJAX but I haven't the knowledge to write that code yet. Remember that you need Javascript enabled to take advantage of the page. Remember that the page you are veiwing isn't functional. My wife would have a fit if the internet had control of my home. ;-)

I've also brought the hosting of the Linux Home Automation Project on this server. It's part of the process to merge parts of the HCS project with my Linux project.

12/30/2006 - I spent some time today cleaning up my Insteon page. I cleaned up the links and cleared up what software is what. Previously many visitors would grab a copy of most of the software when they only needed one or two packages.

In the coming weeks I'll be reworking the HCS II pages and adding an electronics section to these pages. The HCS II is a Z80 based Home Automation controller that I support. It's meant for the DIY crowd. This will be a good place to place electronic projects as the HCS is a very large software and hardware electronic project. :-) This will be the future home of Web Toys. I'll also clean up the site's layout and move my Comcast site, Linuxha Project pages and the HCS II pages. Beleive it or not all three projects appear to be merging.

12/29/2006 - I Just got word that my book Linux Smart Homes For Dummies sold 2015 copies. To all those who purchased the book; a big thank you!

12/28/2006 - Today I started adding Google text ads to the web pages. Eventually I'll have these ads on every page. For now just the main page. I'm also in the process of redesigning the pages (see a Konqueror screen shot). You can also read my IE rant on my Blog. I've since cleaned up my prototype HTML and CSS but it hasn't fixed a whole lot of my IE problems. It does turn out I had quite a bit of bad HTML and CSS code (shame on me).

I've added a section called Web toys where I'll be adding things like Robosapien hacks (I've got a V1 headed to the electronic pimp shop ;-). I've added 2 links there now. The first is Alex Komar's Controllable Christmas Lights and the second is Pierre-Philippe Coupard's push puppet.

On my Comcast hosted site you may notice that some of the links may not work (404 error). That's because I'm running out of room on Comcast. If you check my pages you will find that the link works correctly there. If you find any send me an email and I'll try to correct those broken links.

12/17/2006 - Just a little clean up of some of the links and adding Michael LeMay's Linux CM19a device driver link for the X10 CM19A. Michael's driver differs from my own in that my driver has no additional intelligence for decoding the user/application input to CM19A commands (or vice versa).

11/28/2006 - Just made a minor change to my links for the "Linux Smart Homes For Dummies" forums. I'm trying to make it a little more difficult to find for the SPAMMERS! I seem to get one or two signing up a day. Good thing their not too bright as it makes it easy to spot a spammer sign up. I hope to make more minor changes as time goes on.

11/26/2006 - Seems I have caught up with my web page updates. :-) So I've posted my Linux Geek Holiday list on my blog. I only have a few ideas but I wouldn't mind people sharing their ideas.

I also found an article from the BBC called Smart homes a reality in S Korea. There's a lot of interesting information as well as some not so practical technology such as wearing mini-PC's on your wrist (so you can be tracked). That last part worries me and I've posted my concerns to my blog. One of these days I really need to explore where I see home automation going.

11/24/2006 - Hopefully these pages will be finally caught up since my drive crashed. I haven't been able to update these pages until I restored data going back to 3/10 (yeah, I lost that much!). And I have been busy and I have lots to post.

I've created a web page for my CM15A technical information. It's currently a work in progress.

I've downloaded ZBasic (it's for Windows) for the ZX-40 stamp and I have the IDE working under Wine (and Fedora FC 6). I've used the IDE to edit and compile some sample code. As soon as I get my hands on the ZX-40 I'll test the IDE to see if it can download to the ZX-40. Looks like a new toy will be arriving soon. :-)I also tried the BasicX software (for BasicX's BasicX-24 stamp) but I can't get it installed with Wine.

09/22/2006 - Sean Fulmer was kind enough to share this with me a way to get the X10 VA11A capture device working under Ubuntu Linux. I suspect that it will work under most versions of Linux.

09/21/2006 - It is confirmed that I'll be on the The Linux Tech Show on Wednesday Oct 11, 2006. I've also add a link to KNXLive - EIB (European Interface Bus) home automation control.

09/20/2006 - I've been invited to participate on the The Linux Tech Show. I'm pretty sure it will be related to Linux and HA. Right now it looks like it will be on Wednesday, October 11 2006.

I have a lot of updates to do (I've been busy but in a good way :-)). I've added 2 more HA blogs to the HA Blog list also I've found a link on C-Bus Open Protocols and Bruce Perens has released some code that permits us to use libusb to access the USB Insteon controller. he calls it ION.

09/17/2006 - Lee Schlesinger (editor of has a review of my book (Linux Smart Homes For Dummies) and I think it's a good review. :-)

09/05/2006 - a user on my Linux HA forum asked a question about PHP-X10 (a PHP interface to the Bottlerocket software. Another web interface for the CM17A.

Also my new ARM board (TS-7200) has arrived and I turned it up. So far I'm happy with the performance and it's default setup (I did purchase a bunch of options). I still have a lot to learn on the board and I need to learn lex/yacc so I can interpret XPRESS code. This will give it the intial HCS II compatability I desire.

08/20/2006 - I've posted an RFC (Request For Comment) on the Circuit Cellar BBS, under the HCS forum. Titled: RFC: HCS-L. I think this is the future of the HCS project and I'd like others to comment on my thoughts. It is my effort to merge the Linux HA project with the the Open Source HCS project.

08/04/2006 - Yahoo! I just received a copy of my book! I'll begin posting corrections to the HA forums (yes, I found a couple of errors already). I have plenty of updates but I've been busy tending my wife who is ill (she's getting better, thank you). Now things will get really busy.

07/05/2006 - I've posted the information about the USB driver fixes to their respective pages. I've also updated the cm15d driver. I'll more updates as the week progresses. Hopefully I'll also have some Insteon and Misterhouse updates also.

07/04/2006 - Hmm, that was quick! I've fixed the CM15A, CM19A, USB Insteon PLC (iplc) and Labjack drivers. they now work correctly with the Linux 2.6.15 kernel. I'll post them in a little while. Meanwhile I'm putting together a page about my book (someone has to promote it :-). That link to follow along shortly.

07/01/2006 - I'm getting back to work on my Insteon projects. As a side effect of that work the Labjack, CM15A and CM19A are being updated in addition to the iplc USB driver. They won't work with Linux 2.6.16 (hmm, seems to be working now, good). Anyway I need to get these interfaces working properly. I'm having a lot of trouble using make to compile things in a simple manner but that's my lack of knowledge of the inner workings of compiling kernel modules. I'm also doing a lot of work with Asterisk. I have 2 lines in (AT&T Call Vantage on my SPA3102 via their ATA and my POTS line via a SPA3000). I'm having a lot of trouble with software echo cancellation and IP phones but otherwise it is working very well (including caller ID which I use to forward calls to certain extensions).

06/14/2006 - Well I have a few updates and if I can find the links I had sitting on my browser the last time it crashed I'll have a few more. One of the first in Bob Paauwe iLinks suite - Software to manage home automation scenes using SmartHome's INSTEON home automation products. It's still alpha, according to Bob but there is a lot of information to be gleened from the source code (it's GPL).

I know I bitched about ZWave's attitude on the GPL but it seems a few folks have create projects for the ZWave products. I'm missing 2 of the links but I have the 3rd (when I find the rest they'll go into the ZWave section of my pages. For now the only one I can find is at the Pluto Home pages. More to follow ...

I am pleased to announce that I have finished writing my book: Linux Smart Homes For Dummies. I've put together a Linux Home Automation BBS to support the book and anything related to Linux Home Automation. I'll post any updates there for all to read. The book should be available in the Aug - Sept. time frame. I'll now be spending more time getting the Insteon code working with varios software. One will be for use with the NSLU2, the other Mr. House and the last a new daemon for my serial and USB devices.

05/07/2006 - I know it's been a while and I haven't forgotten about my web pages. I've just been busy with my book "Linux Smart Homes for Dummies" (ISBN:0764598236). I will probably be done in about a month (so beginning of June?) and at that time I'll begin working on cleaning up a few pages and I'll get back to coding. It will mainly be the Insteon stuff as I'm dieing to get it working properly. There seems to be a few bugs in my code and I've got the PLC in a messed up state.

03/29/2006 - Well it looks like we have a few entries from the Linux Journal. The first is Building a Home Automation and Security System with Python, which has a do it yourself hardware from QualityKits. Shows how to control a serial I/O kit (relays) from Python. Looks like fun! :-) The second is an article on Shell Scripting a Camera Server, cool. The last is MSP430 Development with Linux. While not HA it still makes a good dev platform (the MP430) for HA nodes. Now I just have to find a place for these links. Good job Linux Journal!

While finding these I also found the OpenOCD - Open On-Chip Debugging, Dominic Rath created a project that allows us to build a simple jtag interface and using software like gdb debug your processor on an embedded system.

03/27/2006 - Michael Corral sent me this link about his TK10 front end for the Bottlerocket (and X10 Firecracker) software. Unfortunately he sent it the day my machine blew up, but here it is now. Better Nate than lever!

03/26/2006 - I'm losing my mind! The problems with my HA systems may be caused by bad drives! I've now replaced it (300G) and it seems to be stable (we'll see). To read further details pop over to my LinuxHA blog for that and a Rant on Svesoft.

But now for what you really come here for; the HA links. I did some poking around the search engines (between recovering and restoring parts of the system) and found this: Geekhouse. Tom is using XPL and a K8000 (poke around the site, you'll find it) to control his home. Tom also keeps a blog called It's a Geeks Life. One more to add to the list! :-)

03/10/2006 - Just minor changes to the web page. I've removed the web ring from the top as I couldn't remember how to login to it and now the want me to use icons and javascript. Since I try to avoid that as much as possible I'll just remove it.

03/02/2006 - Michael Wiertlewski has created labjackd - a telnet daemon for the Labjack. You can also visit his Savannah site for the labjackd

02/27/2006 - Warren Bell has created a web-based interface to PPower (uses a CM11A) called HomeControl. It's written in Perl and schedules commands to be run and can run commands directly from controls on the web page. It's simple, but it's got some decent scheduling features. Demo, download and readme are on the project page.

The folks at Architechtronics have created Chameleo, a 2 way X10 to UPB translator. The Chameleo X10 to UPB Interface is a passive two-way translator device that will allow either an X10 controller to control a UPB sub-network or for a UPB controller to communicate with an X10 network.

02/22/2006 - Bill Richardson has posted schematics for his PIC based projects. He is looking for ideas and advice on his projects. He wants to make open source home automation products for anyone to afford & use. I particularly like the Cricket Communicating Thermostat

02/15/2006 - OK, this is just embarrassing. I some how forgot to post a link for ECS (Omnipotence Software). Mark's excellent Windows and Linux Home Automation commercial software. No I'm not going soft and Mark hasn't paid me to post this. I've informally known Mark for a number of years and he has always provided good software support for his product. For now I've posted it to the projects section. Later I'll post a blog about ECS, PlutoHome and Mr. House.

02/05/2006 - First we have a nice little story about the The Type-A Bathroom. It's a bit much but I must confess that I seem to be moving in that direction (just wish my career could support such things ;-). Next I have some more updated to the EIB section of my pages.

Oh, I've also discovered that my web pages have a few broken local links, sorry about that. Seems the new setup at doesn't work well with this all in one page. Not sure how I'm going to fix this. When I eventually move everything over to the new design this won't be such a problem.

01/21/2005 - This is the first Open Source project I've seen for the UPB products. UPB4Java - Java API for the UPB automation protocol. Gerald R Duprey Jr has release his Java UPB API code under the Apache License. Looks like we now have a UPB interface!

01/21/2005 - James Russo has created a Perl module to interface to the Elk M1. He's hosting it at ElkM1::Control on Sourceforge. The Elk M1 is a security/automation controller (hardware).

01/08/2006 - Just a few minor changes. I needed to fix a few links.

01/05/2006 - Busy day, I needed to do a little newsgroup digging so I fixed up my news reader (still cleaning up from my server crash last month) and read the newsgroups. I in CHA there was lots of Insteon stuff (Insteon Icon switches for $20 (US), I ordered 2), some UPB info (always good to know) and some stuff about the Z folks (my least favorite HA protocol ;-)). It was good to see everyone was still posting and the group was lively as every. I also found this: the Pepper Pad. It's a tablet PC type device that runs Linux. I'll post more info below in the temporary links.

12/26/2005 - Found another weather station package, this time for the Davis Vantage Pro/Pro2. It can be found at I'm not sure what license it using but it took me to a Sourceforge page so it's probably one of the Open Source licenses.

I've also updated the Insteon iplcs modules used with Misterhouse. I discovered a bug in the code where I'd end up with a buffer filled with 0xFF. This causes the machine with MH to crawl to a halt (but it still runs). I think I've corrected it but I haven't been able to cause the problem again. Hmph!. Consider the code still to be Alpha but I am using it (and it is working).

12/25/2005 - Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! I had a few free minutes before the Christmas rush to visits various people so I decided to clean up some of my links.

12/11/2005 - Paolo Bastiancich introduced me to the Yakko project is a home automation system. It defines a new protocol implemented as firmware running in AVR atmega microprocessors. The goal is to build a method to make logical connections between hardware devices such as lamps, switchers and so on. Thanks Paolo! While not directly Linux it is home automation and there is no dependency on that other OS (no not the Mac ;-).

12/11/2005 - I spent some more time working on Mr. House and the Smarthome PowerLinc V2. I've now replaced the CM11A with the PowerLinc and it works fine for On and Off. I haven't tried sending any other commands from Misterhouse yet. It doesn't seem to handle the PRESET DIM commands very well so I need to work on that. And, yes, it sends as well as receives. Currently I don't have a package that I can post but I've put together instructions to get it working on my Insteon Page.

12/05/2005 - I took a little time out from the book and slapped together a file for the Insteon PowerLinc V2 and Mr. House. It's a bit of a hack but it seems to work. Right now it's the serial port version only. Follow the direction contained in the file on what to modify. I also have sample code to use the serial port version and USB version without Mr. House. That can be found on my IPLCD page

11/27/2005 - Alex Komar is, again, putting up christmas lights and he's going to try and to let the internet control them. Last year he caused a big stink by letting everyone know that most of the control was a hoax. Some folks got upset some (like myself) found the solution interesting. This year you be the judge. I'm still interested in the technical problems associated with something of that scale.

Some folks may notice that, in the coming days, minor changes to my web site. I'm migrating everything to a new style of web page (something I've been saying I'd do the last few years) and the pages will be hosted away from my ISP. My ISP's web link will be a backup to my main pages which will be hosted at

11/25/2005 - Asterisk chapter is now done (yea!) and my home system suffered 2 major failures. The first was the Linksys WRT54G (w/Sveasoft Alchemy) just stopped routing! Rebooting didn't clear the problem. I upgrade to the 1.0 release and removed some of the iptable entries to allow access to my servers. A few days later my main server died. The mother board and RAM no longer work. I have managed to get the major systems restored but lots of work needs to be done (ARGH!). Oh well, such is life.

I've adopted Tymm Twillman's Bottlerocket page. It's new home is here. You'll be seeing a lot more references to the in these pages (and in any of my other pages too) because that's going to be my official LinuxHA web site. I've currently filled the 25 MB here and I need a place to call home. A place that would allow me to change ISPs (should I choose to) without the usual mess of finding all the old links and correcting them. Right now I need to learn a little bit more about CSS & XHTML so that I can layout the page is some logical manor. I may also dabble in some Javascript as I need to learn more to use with AJAX.

11/06/2005 - Been a bit busy trying to write the chapter on Asterisk. I'm discovering how much I kind of figure out on the fly, how much I know and how much I can explain. The last part is the hardest part. Right now I'm way behind schedule on the book! Anyways, chris Drake now has a CPAN module for the LabJack. Works with Windows, Linux and possibly Apple Mac's. Alos it's been updated with a lot more functions.

A member of the Misterhouse mail list found device drivers for Sea Level 4030, 8005, 8255, 8006, 8007, 8014 and 8011 boards.

09/08/2005 - I'm out of space on this web site (Argh! - Never mind took care of this as of 11/2005 :-) ). I don't know what to do. I'll have to clean it up a bit and I'll figure out something. I do have other web space and I'll have to figure out a way to share this info over several sites. Right now I don't have time for this, I have a book to write.

09/08/2005 - I spoke with Bob Cusey (from Insteon) and other than changing the name of my package (it's now iplcd) it's ok to release the code under the GPL. Situation resolved, quickly and politely. Don't you wish more things would go that way in life!

For those of us who are really adventurous I've posted my USB iplc-driver to be used with my iplcd package. I don't have a USB PLC so I don't know if it works. It can be found on my Insteon page

09/05/2005 - I've removed insteond from distribution as it's license (GPL) and Insteon's license are at odds. I'll be working with Insteon to see if we can resolve the issue. I expect that we will come to some agreement as they've been very helpful so far. Of course more to follow. ...

08/29/2005 - I've further updated my Insteond package. Also Paul Demarco wrote a Perl Module for the CM15A and Misterhouse.

08/26/2005 - I've posted an Alpha version of my insteond on my Linux & Insteon. The file has lots of debugging still left in, needs a readme and is a long way from done but I think it's enough to make Insteon at least as usable as X10. I hope to have a readme that explains how to compile and use the insteond. I'll also be renaming the files in the tar ball as I initially called it i10d. But that name doesn't do Insteon justice, it's a lot more than X10.

08/11/2005 - I had an epiphany over the weekend (and my head still hurts). To see more on my rant check out my blog on the subject of DOH! Better support .... To back up my words I've started to create a page for Linux & Insteon. If your going to complain at least provide a solution and this is my solution.

An individual called H.B. sent me the Home Automation Wiki link. It currently has a link on a Building a X10RcxSignalAnalyzer which was built from a Lego Mindstorms RCX. Interesting!

Now I'm not sure where I found this but James Coates has written an article for the Chicago Tribune entitled: "More powerful approach brings appliances in line" which is an article about Insteon from Smarthome. It's part humorous and part informational.

For those interested in monitoring their home power usage we have this nice link to Building a Home Power Monitoring System. It won't give you your exact power usage (it watches trends). If you want exact power usage check out Dr. Ed Cheung's web site

(go to -> Home Automation -> Power Line monitor).

Been very busy of late (work and another HA project) so I have a stack of corrections and links to add. The first addition is a commercial link QuickLock Remote Systems (kind of obvious) and the 2nd is Botech AB which is a set of tools for remote access to scada systems (not so obvious). More details in the sections below.

07/09/2005 - Just a little tidying up of the links. A few went dead and a few changed. Those that went dead have been moved to the boneyard. Just normal maintenance.

07/01/2005 - Micheal LeMay has create a device driver interface to the CM19A (X10 USB Wireless transceiver). It can be found on his web site. It comes with the driver and the cm19a command line program.

06/19/2005 - Well it's been hectic around here and the worst part is that it's stuff I can't talk about yet (ARGH!), hopefully soon. Anyway I found a nice link called the Linux thermometer project. Joep Verhaeg has created a page where he gives the hardware and software for setting up a Dallas onewire DS1621 temperature sensor (yeah, I know it's 2 years old, so I'm a bit slow).

It appear that Computer Solutions Ltd (ComSol) has a LIN Interface and Gateway with Linux drivers. I'm not sure where you'd use it but I'm seeing more and more CAN stuff for Linux and thought this might be useful.

06/03/2005 - Dave Houston and I have been exchanging more information on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Dave found the Open Source web site Maemo, which is the development web site for the Tablet. The term, maemo, was created using a password generator, pwgen. It was a substring of one of the suggested passwords and it was chosen because it sounded good and apparently didn't mean anything offensive in any existing language. They also have a and SDK tutorial for Maemo. Also available for download is the source and some apps. This bodes rather well for the Nokia 770. I hope to see a long life for this project. The only thing I'm confused about is the license for the maemo extension, which is non-free but so far I haven't found out what that means (???).

06/02/2005 - OK, a couple of links today. Dave Houston has found a nice little device which may replace the Audrey as a favorite touch screen (for lack of a better name) for HA. The Nokia 770, it's a tiny computer that runs Linux, it has a 800x400 screen, uses MMC cards as storage, has a 802.11 b/g wireless network interface, Bluetooth interface and a USB device interface (it connects to a PC as a device). The price looks to be about $350 (US). It has a stylus so it looks to be a touch screen. Team this up with Misterhouse and some other goodies and you'll have yourself one very nice setup! :-) It's only draw back appears to be the battery life, 3 hours running, 7 days standby. If the stand has a recharger then this should be too much of a problem.

Our favorite Dr, Dr. Edward Cheung has modified his water usage monitor to use a newer, more sensitive sensor. His Water Meter Monitor page gives a really good description of how to do it. Of course it helps to have a really good knowledge of electronics, familiarity with sensors and a bit of imagination. But that's why he put the page up there so the rest of us can find it and learn (Thanks Doc!).

And finally, earlier this week CNN had an article on home automation with nice little sidebar links to related topics. It was in there Tech section and it was titled: Smart' homes not far away By Julie Clothier (for CNN). It about a family of 4 living in an experimental home that will adapt to the user's routines (this aught to be interesting). And then it goes on about water main breaks and using your cell phone to control your home. Rather mundane stuf to those who are already doing it. ;-) Still an interesting read and the sidebars have some interesting side effects. I think it's worth a read.

I've updated the Pluto entry in the projects section of these pages. I've also found a work around for posting my BLOG entries. Seems that Blogspot can't recieve emails from my Comcast email account. So far support hasn't sent anything back other than an automated response.

05/20/2005 - Mike sends me this HA BLOG link called Home Automation Gadgets and News. So I've added it to the HA Blog links page. It's good to have a few more HA Blogs.

OK, here's one that stumped me for a while: How do I get CUPS to let me issue X10 commands to control my printer's power? Well after sifting through lots of information I finally found this example of ACCSNMP - A Perl backend wrapper that accounts for jobs by querying the printer over SNMP for its pagecount before and after the job. I'm currently testing it with my X10 (snmp doesn't work very well with my Jetdirect, ARGH!). So far the test are going well.

05/14/2005 - I'm currently working a few new things, one I can't talk about while the others, not quite yet. One of the other things I can't talk about I hope will be well met by the Linux Home Automation community. We'll see.

The one thing I can talk about is the Insteon Development Kit. Jennifer @ UnrulyGrrl sent me the funds to purchase. In exchange I'll put together software for the RS232 Insteon controller. Now I just have to get my butt into gear and write software. Thanks UnrulyGrrl!

Lastly, I had been wondering how to take advantage of turning my printer on and off remotely via the cups scripts. Well I found some info on how to do just that. Here at: While I'm not sure it's the best way to do this it is useful. One thing I need to add is SNMP so I can see if the printer is still printing and wait until it's done.

05/06/2005 - Sorry not to keep updating the page, got a little too busy for my own good! It's all HA related of course but it requires a lot of time right now. Hopefully it will pay off big time. :-)

Craig Woodward has taken my cm15 driver and cm15d and modified it a bit and posted it to his cm15a page. I now have to figure out who to squeeze in the time to take his changes and integrate them with mine.

Much more to follow including some Insteon and a few other odds and ends I'm not at libert to discuss yet. :-)

Well it's been a while since I last posted an update. I've been busy but I'm not ignoring my web site.

Ben Suffolk has post this site: Ben describes it as "Home of the opto isolated, bus powered, DMX512 interface with both in and out universes." That seems like an apropos description!

02/25/2005 - The day before my final in Culturual Anthropology (8 week course) and I need a bit of a diversion so I'm updating my pages. Two weeks ago Brian let me know that I need to add the Linux K8000 House Alarm System to the K8000 section. Well I've finally gotten a round tuit ;-) and updated the section. Sorry about the delay. BTW, the links goes to the same place as They're the same project.

I found this, yesterday, on Slashdot: Tivo HME SDK. Basically it allows you to develop applet that run on the Tivo when selected. Not quite like adding a program to the Tivo but not bad. I like the idea of being able to use the TV to interface to my HA system and when it becomes almost another channel that makes it that much easier for my wife to use.

Another link, again found in the Slashdot comments (not everything is useless on Slashdot) is Java Home Media Option which is replacement software for Tivo's HMO which only runs under Windows. The JavaHMO software has more features, but I haven't started using it so I'm not familiar with it yet.

01/10/2005 - Robert X. Cringely makes his 2005 predictions in Betting a Billion. While it's not HA related it tend to give us an idea of the enviroment for the next year. Let me add my predictions to his that we'll see a lot more HA this year and that many of the systems will be Linux base but built for Windows use only (ARGH!).

PC Magazine has an article entitled The Digital Home. It has various articles on monitoring this and that Win Media Centers and using X10. While not perfect it's still interesting.

01/05 - While hunting around for HA BLOGs I came across this: Momitsu DVD-V880N Networked DVD Player (You'll need to search for it, they changed the site). An interesting toy, a networked DVD player. It is capable of playing MPEG 1, 2 and 4, AVIs, various audio (like OGG and WMA), display JPEGs, and Shoutcast. It comes with support for Windows but you can get their Momitsu Media Center for Linux and OSX by sending them an email. Not too bad!

12/31 - Martin Leclerc has create a Java program (Omni Link) that allows you to retrieve statuses and send commands to the HAI Omni and Aegis systems via the serial port. The library has been tested on both the Windows and Linux platforms.

12/31 - While not quite Linux (but it will work on Linux) we have a (we may already have a Linux driver too).

12/30 - I've quickly thrown together a page for the cm19a currently it's not much but it's enough to get folks started.

12/28 - My faith in humanity is gone! (Not really I'm a New Yorker :-). This year Alek Komarnitsky's Christmas lights web page was a hoax!

OK, now that I got that out of my system I really want to know the technical details of this hoax. It actually sounds more interesting than the lights themselves! In fact it could probably be a very useful thing for other sites that want to do the same kind of thing as Alek's Christmas lights. I mean what really changes that much with Christmas lights. Com'on Alek, do tell!

Well ZigBee has been a hot topic in the news lately and it looks like Linux is going to be part of the mix through the Linux Wireless Sensor LAN Project. Basically it's 802.15.4 standard low-rate wireless personal area networking.

In addition to my cm15d page Woody Wilson has put up a CM15A page with his code and specs.

Here's my cm15d pages. Currently it's not even a release candidate but is compilable code which may be of interest to folks doing there own work related to the X10 CM15A. This was a rush job to get this up and I haven't cleaned up the code so don't expect perfect looking code. I'm hoping to get time over the Christmas holidays to work on the cm15d code and all the documentation.

OK, here's a new open source project Pluto but for the life of me I can't quite figure out how to download it. They have a developers section and a download section. The package has support for Windows and Linux. I'll investigate this more to see if I can figure out anything!

11/23 - I'm adding the link to because of patents such as: Microsoft's IsNot patent. I really don't understand what the USPO is doing giving patents for the blatantly obvious!

11/20 - While reading the newsgroup comp.home.automation someone asked about products from AAG Electronica. They've been around for a while, initially selling the 1-Wire Weather Instrument Kit and now they've added, humidity, pressure, relay, LCD and other kits, all 1-Wire. Very cool stuff!

I've also added various links to other 1-Wire/IButton information. This includes device interfaces, hardware and stores to buy IButton hardware.

Lastly a little bit of dead link pruning. Even brought one back from the dead!

11/05 - While searching for information on USB for libusb (available for Windows, *BSD, Linux and Mac) I came across the K8055 interface board from Velleman on Linux project. It's an analog/digital I/O board from Velleman.

11/03 - I've added Dave Houston's pages back to my links collection. Dave just has way too much valuable info to leave it off (he had taken down his original pages due to health problems).

11/02 - I was poking around and I decided to further check out UPB (Universal Powerline Bus). It looks like it could be the X10 replacement we've been looking for. Two-way communications (commands are ACK'd), better response times (<.25 sec), not too expensive (about what you would pay for better quality X10) and can address more devices (I think). I hope to check them out sometime this month.

10/31 - Happy Halloween! I've just corrected some link. must keep everything tidy.

10/25 - CNN has a AP article on smart buildings. It's interesting mainly because it discusses the ideas used for the automation of air conditioning and determining the number of people in a room (very briefly mentioned) and the purposes behind the sensors.

10/20 - I decided to wait a few days to allow Alek Komarnitsky's web page to recover from the beating it took from being posted to Fark and Slashdot (AKA the Slashdot effect). Alek has a Halloween lights & Webcam page and a Christmas lights and webcam page Check out his other links as he has quite a few that are interesting. Somewhere on his site I found a link to where he discusses surviving a 'Slashdotting'. I've got to find that again!

10/17 - Robert X. Cringley, of PBS's i, cringley fame, has written an article titled: "The Limits of SpongeBob SquarePants". Robert goes on to tell a tale of Open Source, wireless internet, new technology (VoIP and Wireless TV ;-) and the ingenuity of one individual. Definitely an interesting read.

10/16 - Hey something actually related to HA. :-) Joe Barr at Newsforge has an article titled: "ZoneMinder: Linux home security par excellence". Basically giving the details of how you take some IP cameras, Linux and Zone Minder software to create a video surveillance setup for your home.

10/16 - Again nothing to see here. Just fixing up the CSS so that it's correct also.

10/12 - Nothing new to see here. I've been busy fixing the HTML errors and bringing this document up to XHTML 1.0 (transitional). It was a lot of work and I've brought it up from HTML 3.2 (loose ;-).

09/30 - Dilbert's Ultimate House (duh) - though it's not really HA it is a engineering kind of thing. :-) In fact they rejected HA because it was too complicated. :-O There is a tour but it will require Quicktime and Flash to access it. They have pictures and the specs also. I must say that though I kind of like the house it wouldn't work in the North East or the north part of the mid-west. It's just too cold and we need real heating in the winter.

09/19 - O'Reilly has a new news letter for the DIY (old time type hackers :-). It's called Make. Personally I think the name isn't very good but it is to the point. It's touts itself as "The First Magazine for Technology Projects". I think it will follow along with the "Hacks" (Hacks - n., A clever solution to an interesting problem) series of books.

09/11 - I've added a new section dedicated to HA related BLOGs. I've now added a 3rd BLOG to the list (mine and 2 others). The latest BLOG is from the author of the upcoming O'Reilly Book: "Smart Home Hacks". It won't be out until November but I've reserved a copy to review.

09/09 - Comcast had said that the old web URL would last until Dec 2004. The URL: no longer works and has been replaced with I had a false alarm scare this morning the the first link no longer worked. It still does but it's time to go about fixing the links. 4 months is really not that long to get things corrected.

09/08 - Wade through the miscellaneous blatherings of someone who thinks they know something about Home Automation... That's right folks I've created a BLOG for my home automation ranting and ravings. Hey everyone has an opinion and with the help of the internet I can inflict mine on people who will actually read them. Anyway, here is where you can find my: Linux HA BLOG.

09/08 - Have you ever wondered where old links go when they die? Well I have so I've created a Bone yard Page. When a link goes dead I'll move it there. Really not too useful but it comes in handy when looking for stuff.

I've also spent quite a bit of time reworking the page in an effort to reduce the size. More changes to follow.

09/06 - Finally got rid of that pesky regex in my Link Check code. I don't know if anyone uses the code but I find it useful. Now if I'd only get work fixing those bad links! ;-)

I've also shrunk the update section and move the older updates to the new History Page. This will trim the page size a bit but not enough to really matter.

09/03 - Hmmm, I've just discovered that this pages is really huge! Just over 100K for just this page! To all the dial-up users out there I am sorry I never knew it grew this large. Anyway the time has come for me to break it up (I've been threatening that for a while now). So over the next few weeks this front page will change and if I can I'll try to work in a Google search engine so things can be found. At 100K there has to be a lot of stuff which can't easily be found here.

09/03 - The JavaOcelot project has been rename and has new software called HouseMonkey. It a CMAX replacement for Linux (but I'd venture a guess that it will work on a few other systems). The screen shots are pretty and I'll be downloading it to see how it works. Currently my Ocelot is using ocld to compile the code but I don't remember what I used to upload the code. I think it was cpuxad.

09/03 - I still seem to be having some trouble with automagic updates but I'm getting a handle on it. In the mean time I'll be reworking my collection of sites (such as the one at Geocities and Fortune City. They'll still be there but they'll be more for redirecting traffic to my newer Linux HA site hosted on 1 and 1 Web Hosting

08/30 - Hmm, something is broken on my end. This page is supposed to update automagically and it didn't. So I've manually updated it. I also seem to have about 30 links with are error 404 (links gone bad). I'll try to clean those up over then next few weeks. Ah summer is coming to an end ... ;-)

08/15 - VSCP - Very Simple Control Protocol - The VSCP protocol, a very simple and free protocol for SOHO automation tasks. It seems to interface to CAN and the EDA sourceforge has been combined with VSCP. I'll clean that up and combine the 2.

07/27 - Frank Hitzel's VIMMS - Visual Module Management System. frank has built a system powered by the ATMEL AT90S2313 micro controller and a Linux PC that controls a digital I/O interface and hardware watchdog interface, a stepper motor controller and a RS232 multiplexer.

07/16 - OCAN - Open-CAN is a device driver for the Intel 82527 CAN controllers. It's quite lightweight and is equipped with a tiny hardware abstraction layer to support different hardware mountings of the chip.

07/13 - I'm working on a howto for my use of the Floppy Firewall and it's packages. So far it's nothing more than a description of what I'm doing.

07/03 - manic_marv has pointed out that I had his name was wrong (now corrected) and that he has updated his code and included a 50 Hz version. I've also finally started to add the Parallel Port section.

06/23 - I just noticed that I didn't have the link to manic_marv's creation. He has created replacement firmware for the CM11A. It's currently up to v0.4. It may not do everything yet but at least it's a step forward.

06/22 - OK, so I've been bad! It's summertime in the Northern hemisphere and I tend to do outdoor kinds of things. I've been spending a lot of time working on Etherboot, Floppy Firewall, Firewall Builder (Beta) and I just started on Asterisk and VoIP. Those aren't the outdoor things. The outdoor things include a double century, additional stone patio work, pool work, etc.. But I've really needed to up this page so here it is:

DRACONi Automation - aims to be a home automation and digital entertainment control package. It's designed to be modular, meaning new kinds of functionality can be added easily. It supports the CM11A/CK11A, Applied Digital (ADI) Ocelot/Leopard/Leopard II Home Automation Controllers, XMMS Music Player, and Festival Speech Synthesis Software.

05/20 - Sorry for the long delay in updating these pages. I've been a bit busy with lots of other stuff and nice weather ;-). Over the next few weeks I'll try to get the pages caught up (notice that the info from November to February is missing). I had to shutdown a bunch of computers at home and I don't have all the updates on the one that is running. Nothing has been destroyed just energy prices as way too high for all of my experiments. If you think this is bad you should see my HA system which was also completely shutdown. I currently have the ADI Ocelot up and running as the sole HA controller. Also I'll try to convert as much of the HTML to XHTML 1.0 while I'm at it.

The best news I currently have is that the HCS_C hardware is up and running! Now it's time to build an OS. This will be an interesting and challenging project that has the promise of some very interesting things for my HA system. More to follow ...

05/12 - Sorry I haven't been posting anything new lately. Been busy with various projects and work (Spring in the northern hemisphere is always a nice time to do other things). Also I had to shutdown most of my HA equipment and I'm now in the process of consolidating it. More to follow ...

02/09 - I think we have enough parallel port projects to warrant giving them their own little section. So introducing the Parallel Port section (yeah) and the newest addition to that section, the PPort Sourceforge project. Just one thing that drives me nuts about this project (and others like it). Why doesn't the PPort Home Page point to anything useful?! If someone were to go and search Sourceforge for this type of project they'd just find the project summary page. Not very useful if you ask me!

01/14 - Wired has a story, Welcome to the Broadband Home of the Future - Not really home automation or a futuristic home but a bit interesting.

01/13 - Dave Houston has his BX24-AHT pages back up at BX24-AHT Page

01/11 - An interesting link was posted to the MisterHouse message list. It appears that there is a Onewire File System (owfs) which will allows 1-wire devices to appear like files in a directory. Very cool!

01/10 - I've added my modified TW523 page back again. It's got some useful info for research when building X10 devices.

01/09 - Another Slashdot article about TiVo's New offerings . Tivo/DVD Recorder, TivoToGo where TiVo users with Home Media Option will be able to transfer files off their TiVo onto their PC and XM Radio for TiVo. It will be things like Tivo that will make it easier to add other home automation offerings to customers.

Wired magazinehas a few interesting articles on Home Entertainment (and by association Home Automation). The first: Home Is Where Intel Wants to Be - the short of it is consumers want to simplify the entertainment stack (VCR, DVD, Stereo, CD, Amp and TV) and Intel think it can deliver (big screen no less) and at an affordable price. The next article: Future Home Full of Web Wonders - I think you've just got to read this. :-)

01/07 - Found 2 more interesting sites. The first is the French site: Logiclic - Bruno Regnier's site, he uses the TINI controller for home automation, source and electronic diagrams are available.

The other site is Francisco Castro's YASP (Yet Another Scalable Protocol). He uses Microchip PIC and has the source code and schematic available.

01/03 - An article about Pluto appeared on Slashdot (no I'm not going to link to the article too much yapping not much to say!). It's a complete home control system to incorporate all 5 major home electronic systems including security, telecommunications, home automation, entertainment, and personal computing. It looks like a nice system but at $15K (US) it seems a little steep and I'm not sure I like having everything running in one box. Now I can do all these things (I don't have the video setup and I don't have a PBX, yet) with MisterHouse but it's not a consumer setup. So you decide.


12/29 - Steve Haehnichen X10 Comparison - A really interesting look at various X10 transceivers, guts of various devices and the burnt remains of 2 UL listed devices that fail with about 50% load! Yikes.

12/28 - I've created a new section called Temporary links. Basically it's for news items that may not stick around for long periods of time but may be of interest to some of this web sites readers. The first group of links come from a Slashdot article on Home Network appliances (such as your oven, refrigerator, washing machine, etc). Some useful links and info can be found in the article.

11/12 - Pascal Scheffers has create a TCL library to interface with the CM11A. He created it because he wanted a 'Pure TCL' solution.

11/09 - Quite a few things have happened in the last month or so. Dave Houston has taken down his page at Dave had a great resource for hacking X10 Wireless technology. It's sad to see that resource lost.

While poking around the PIC List, I came across a note on a Microchip App Note (AN236) "X10 Home Automation Using the PIC16F877A". This has the full description and source code to make your own X10 module using X10 and a PIC. Very cool stuff!

Lastly, I've note a number of links have disappeared I'll be cleaning those up over the next few weeks. My finals will be coming up soon so don't expect to see huge changes take place. My next priority is to get the HCS II/HCS_C Open Source pages updated.

11/04 - I just read an article on how the 'net has numerous abandoned sites. I'm posting to let everyone know this isn't one of them. I'm currently busy with school (2 classes) and I have spent some time working on a new controller (the HCS_C, Open Source and yes I know I really need to update that site) for HA. Exams are in December so I expect some work will be done then.

09/21 - Hmm, seems I've forgotten to add the link to Raditex AB IP IO-module - Raditex AB has developed an IO-module suitable for mounting on a DIN-rail. This module is commanded by IP. The module has 4 relays, 4 digital in/out ports and 4 out ports that gives 0-10 volts. The module is driven by 12V. More info to follow ...

Also from the same site is Free SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) which is an Open Source SCADA system (used in industrial automation).

08/19 - Comcast has finally made the site available to me and now I'll start notifying everyone of the change. Of course the only reason I found this out was that I put the effort, every day, into checking if the site was available. ARGH!

07/31 - Comcast has informed it's users that it's these web pages will be moving (boo!) but they'll forward the web pages to the new link until Dec 2004 (yeah!). The future link will be . currently it's not there and when it does become available I'll start sending emails out to all the sites that Google can find to have them update their links.

In other news, I've managed to get the driver module for the Quickcam Web camera to compile under Kernel 2.4.21-ac4. So I'm posting it here. It doesn't work perfectly (auto brightness goes nuts) but it is usable.

07/26 - Ido Bartana has updated his site and the primary site has now changed to This is good for 2 reasons, first it has unlimited bandwidth (Geocities has limits) and second no more Geocities pop-up boxes (never seem to work on my browser anyway ;-). I've also finally found a working web camera that I can use. I have an old Logitech Web Cam and I found a driver for the 2.4 kernel (which I had to update to work with 2.4.21). I'll post it here when I get a chance. I'm still working on the VA11A as that handles my X10 cams which I have use for :-).

07/22 - I'm enjoying summer (outdoors) so far and I've managed to get my Labjack to respond to to some commands (thanks to Eric Sorton for writing the driver and libjabjack). I hope to spend some more time learning USB so I can help with the driver & library for the USB device. Currently I'm just happy to have it working properly.

07/09 - Well as usual things are a little more complicated than I thought they may be. A friend of mine has lent me his VA11A (X10's Xray Vision). Turns out that there are at least 2 versions of the VA11A. The first with a USB id of 0x533, 0x2000, this one can use the driver found on the Nogatech site. The second version (the one I have) has a USB id of 0x733, 0x430 (same as the Intel PC Camera Pro, which it's not) and it can be found here at SPCA50X. This driver is untested and the latest patches appear to not be included yet. So there is more to follow.

07/07 - A friend of mine gave me 2 X10 wireless cameras (X10 insecurity cameras ;-) over the weekend. So I went looking for ways to hook them up to my Linux box. Along the way I found a set of drivers for the X10 VA11A USB Video Capture adapter. I don't have one yet but I'm looking into it.

07/03 - Correcting a bit of confusion I may have caused. It turns out that the old iButton DS9097 (note lack of U and any other part number) is best not used. The newer DS9097U-009 & DS9097U-S09 are to be used. The 009 comes with a sensor and the S09 lacks the sensor. I learned this after d/l'ing the Perl iButton module (see CPAN) which uses the DS9097U-009. Brian Lane's DigiTemp supports both the DS9097U-009 & the DS9097U-S09. The only package I know that now supports the old DS9097 is the onewire.tgz and it requires the use of 16550 compatible serial port.

06/06 - Hal Fulton is working on an HA project called Domo which he describes as a distributed, full-featured home automation software system, written in Ruby and running on Linux.

06/01 - Still cleaning up links and I'm still working on the redesign and hope to have a working set of pages by the end of June. Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah etc. ... ;-) Oh, I've added a link to my directory indexing program. I couldn't find a simple tool so I wrote one in Perl. Perl has become one of my favorite languages for quick hacks.

05/30 - John C. Peterson has donated his Perl X10es code (x10es-1.0.src.tar.gz and x10ex-1.0-2.noarch.rpm). Here's a blurb from his readme which pretty well sums it up: " The x10 event scheduler, or x10es for short, is a program designed for Unix systems to facilitate the scheduling of x10 control command (on/off) events. The program is not a daemon, it only runs once a day (using "cron"). At runtime, x10es will parse your event definition table, and schedule individual command events for the coming day (using "at")."

The History page - where the old updates are moved to.